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About The Liba initiative – for Jewish freedom on The Temple Mount

Goals – Reaching complete and comprehensive freedom and civil rights for Jews on the Temple Mount
Measures - encouraging Jews to ascend the Temple Mount according to Jewish law, public campaigns, and legal action

Founded by The Israel Independence Fund and The Temple Mount Heritage Foundation

The Temple Mount in Jewish Tradition

The Temple Mount, known in the Torah as Mount Moriah, is the holiest spot in the world for all mankind. Here, G-d commanded Abraham, father of the Jewish people, to bind his son Isaac. Hundreds of years later, King David revealed this location, purchased it and built an altar. Here, his son King Solomon built The First Temple. It is the location of both the First and Second Holy Temple.
Mount is the one spot where G-d chose to rest His presence and to make Himself known to man. Thus we find many ex‎pressions in the Torah such as "the place that I will choose" and "the place that I will show you." From the very beginning of time, this one location was set aside and sanctified by G-d as the focal point for mankind's spiritual energy.
Since the destruction of The Second Temple, 2000 years ago, Jews from all over the world have been yearning to return to the Temple Mount.
In 1967 Jerusalem's Old City and Temple Mount were liberated by the Israel Defense Forces.

Pilgrimage to The Temple Mount

When the Holy Temple stood, the experience of being there was to be in the presence of G-d. All people, Jews and Gentiles alike, were able to come there and partake of this direct, purposeful, and unfolding relationship. All came to recharge their spiritual batteries and come away renewed and invigorated by the reality of our constant, vibrant and intimate relationship with the Creator.
According to Biblical law and understanding, the holiness of the Temple Mount is unlike that of any other physical location on earth
It is of primary im‎portance to note that when we ascend to the Temple Mount in purity and under halachicguidelines, at no point will we actually tread on any of the areas where the Holy Temple actually stood.
The Mishna teaches us.
One may not enter the holy mount with his staff,or with his sandal, or with his belt-pouch, or with dust on his feet, do not make it a shortcut, And of course spitting is forbidden.
Every effort should be made by tour participants to follow the minimal guidelines of purity.
To learn in more detail of the purity guidelines before entering the temple mount it is recommended to read them here: http://www.templeinstitute.org/guide_to_ascending_the_mount.htm
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